Job Description


  • Perform Check-ins of the guests arriving late and show them to their room
  • Handle early check-outs, closing the guest account
  • Assist guests with concierge services
  • Answer the telephone and handle possible requests
  • Program and handle wake-up calls
  • Handle possible walk-ins and negotiate the room rate


  • Ensure the guest satisfaction at all times
  • Be aware and warn security if any suspicious person enters the lobby
  • Orientate the guests in case of fire or any other emergency
  • Ensure that the reports for accounting and department Managers are done in a correct and accurate manner


  • Check all the operations done during the day, correct all discrepancies in the cashiers, credit card report, Opera and Micros
  • Check if all the paperwork is fully and correctly done
  • Ensure a smooth closure and restart of Opera software
  • Maximize the profit of the hotel, reacting positively and proactively to the possibility  of creating new/unexpected revenue (upsell)


  • Assist colleagues from the same or any other department
  • Be responsible for one’s acts and honest with colleagues and superiors

Skills Required

Candidate Profile

  • Multilingual (English and French required, Dutch or German is a plus)
  • Open minded, capacity to work and contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Capacity to solve problems independently and follow them up
  • Proactive, polyvalent, guest-minded, ambitious
  • Previous experience at the Front Office
  • Ability to listen


  • Préférence pour le candidat ayant un diplôme en hôtellerie
  • Expérience probante dans le milieu de l’hôtellerie
  • Capacité de travailler en équipe
  • Capacité de répondre aux besoins des clients, agir et faire le suivi des plaintes
  • Capacité de gérer une plainte provenant d’un client
  • Ouverture d‘esprit
  • Capacité d’utiliser un ordinateur et les logiciels de base

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  • Published:7 July 2023
  • Job Poster:Sofitel Brussels Europe

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